Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A blog to call my own

So I'm doing this, but I'm not promising that I will do it well. A few of my friends have blogs (pretty much because we are all bored stay-at-home moms looking for a little excitement) so I decided to try it.

I figured with everything going on in our lives it wasn't a bad idea. I hope to accomplish two things with this blog:

  • keep you all updated on Geoff's liver journey (AKA transplant)

  • keep updated pics of our children for all to see
Here goes! Update #1-Geoff has not had his transplant yet....Update #2 see pictures below.

Don't worry I'll get better at this.


Rhonda, baker said...

Love it. Great pics, especially of the liver. :)

Carey said...

Thanks for making the effort Erin, given how tired you must be. It's always a treat to see kid pics, as well as non-random body parts.

Ideas for title off the top of my head:

Dunkliver (looks too much like drunk driver)
Transplanted (pun -haha)
Liverdunking (ok, I'm tired too)

I'll keep thinking.