Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Seriously, help me

It has happened twice this week. Is it a trend? A fluke? A rare occurrence? It may be just the thing that sends me back to therapy.

Ava has decided not to nap. This isn't funny.

Love the ladies

I think I've mentioned before what a great mom's club I'm involved in (here in the neighborhood). To say that I am "involved" is a real understandstatment. I am obsessed. These ladies are so freakin fantastic. The organizers of the group plan actvities almost on a daily basis. The kids and I always have something to do.

Last night was a "moms night out" so we went to this place called Cheesecake Amour (it's a really cute wine bar) that we literally can WALK to! The place closed at 9PM and we weren't done drinking, so we decided on an after party at my house. Did I say my house or my drive way? Straight up ghetto. 10 of us walk in my house with a variety of drinks: wine coolers, bottles of wine, tequila, and some Smirnoff apple things. Geoff was sitting on the couch when we walked in and so politely just greeted the ladies one by one.

The kids had just gone to sleep so we headed out front to my driveway. We could have headed to the backyard, but Conner's nursery is right above the patio. I wish I had a picture of all of us sitting in a circle on my driveway.

It was a little trashy, but we didn't mind at all. I love these ladies.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ho Hum

Geoff is #5 in Fort Worth and #7 in Dallas.

It seems as if he has dropped a spot in each. Surprisingly, we aren't that upset by it. It's going to happen one way or another...either I buy a liver off Harry Hines Blvd. in Dallas (probably not the best option), he gets sicker, or he just gets the call. I'm hoping it's just the call.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Speaking of cupcakes

So, I'm sure you all saw Ava's ADORABLE cupcakes for her birthday party. I would love to take credit, but sadly I suck at any type of creative talent. Ava's "theme" for her party was Mickey and Minnie Mouse. There were pink Minnie cupcakes for the girls and red Mickey ones for the boys.

All the cuteness and talent comes from my girlfriend, Christi. I met Christi probably over a year ago through her sister, Allyson. I remember Allyson telling me that her sister had a cupcake business. My first thought was "whatever...cupcakes? I can make a cupcake". Um...not so much. This girl is so stinkin talented! I have been telling her for at least a year now (her family has probably been telling her for 5) to get herself out there! Her answer has always been the same "I know...I should....I will".

Finally, after Ava's party I decided that I was going to get Christi out there (this was after 10 people asked about the cupcakes)! I went home and set-up a blog for her so that she could showcase her crazy, incredible talent. This has all only evolved over the last 12 hours so please be patient while she gets it up and running, but I had to share. I hereby introduce to you Oh Cupcakes!

So, if you're in the Dallas area and you're in need of a sweet fix (and a perfect party addition) then go check out Oh Cupcakes

Perfect Party

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

And what a weekend it was! Ava's birthday party was a blast...16 kids and 20 adults @ Peter Piper Pizza. What more could a girl ask for? I'm working on getting the pictures up ASAP.

Kathy Griffin was SO hysterical and so inappropriate! I loved every minute of it. Before the show my girls and I went to dinner (or drinking...whatever they call it these days). These three guys were sitting at the bar next to us and asked where we were going...yada yada yada. We told them Kathy Griffin and the one guy says (to me) "yeah you look like Kathy Griffin". What? Me? I love the woman but being told that I look like her was not the highlight of my evening. Anyhow, we were all laughing hysterically and even his buddies looked at him like " just went there"? I'm hoping he was just really drunk.

Geoff is going to ask for an update tomorrow....oh I'm hoping he hasn't gone backwards. I really don't have a feeling this week one way or another.

Friday, July 25, 2008

I love this woman

Kathy Griffin is hysterical, or at least to me she is. I guess you either love her or hate her, and mine is a definite love. She can be way raunchy, obnoxious, ridiculously sarcastic, and brutally honest. Hmm...know wonder I like her I think I just described myself. Anyhow, I am going to her show tomorrow night with 5 of my mommy girlfriends. It should be an absolute blast.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Slow week....

No status updates...we try not to harass the transplant coordinators EVERY week.

Ava has her 3rd birthday party on Sat. with 15 of her little friends. She's so popular (just like her mom). :) She is ridiculously excited. This is the first year that she really "gets" the idea of a party. I'm creating a bad habit...I've talked about it for weeks and now she thinks she is queen of the world because of it.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pap Smear or Bathing Suit Shopping?

What would you rather do?

Honestly, I think I would rather have a pap smear. Unfortunately, bathing suit shopping is very necessary (at least this week). I'm hitting an age where I struggle with getting a two-piece or a tankini? I can't even let myself go to the one-piece. Not that there is ANYTHING wrong with the one-piece or tankini, but I feel like it takes me to a level that I just don't want to go to right now.

Let's be honest, I don't have this rockin body to sport a two-piece, but the tankini is also another place that I'm not sure I am ready for. Sometimes I wonder...I'll be at the pool with the kids and there will be moms with HOT bodies, but they are in their tankinis. Am I trying to hard to hold onto the past? I guess my dilemma is this: do I try to find a two-piece that looks decent or do I just take it to tankini level? By the way, I'm not really asking for your answers.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Conner's Stats

4 Month Appt:
  • 14 pounds 10 ounces
  • 24 1/2 inches long
  • rolling over
  • drooling
  • greenish-like poop
  • super happy
  • beat down by sister 47% of time

Only the best for my kids

Look how happy he is with my garage sale find ($5)!!!!! I bought this when I was pregnant with Ava. What a successful purchase.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Top 4 baby, top 4

I'm trying not to get too excited, but Geoff is #4 in Fort Worth and #6 in Dallas. He has moved up on both lists...this is his first time at #4.

Time to celebrate with a glass of wine (it's 5'oclock somewhere).

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kidney Gossip

Geoff went to the kidney doctor yesterday and it was actually a very encouraging visit. The doctor told him that his kidneys are basically functioning at 50% (that is great for Geoff considering everything he has been through) and he felt that his kidneys were more than strong enough to make it through the transplant. When asked if Geoff would have to be on dialysis after the transplant the doctor felt pretty sure that unless something unexpected happen then dialysis would not be necessary. We are very pleased.

On another positive note Geoff has maintained his weight since April! He hasn't gained any of the initial 20 pounds lost, but we weren't holding our breath on that one. I am just thrilled that no more weight has been lost!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Grey's Anatomy or Hopkins?

Personally, I prefer watching George and Izzie in their love tringle, watching McSteamy and McDreamy in their scrubs, and watching Meridith make stupid mistakes every week. As for Hopkins (a new series on ABC) this one is actually real, which is probably why I don't like it as much. So far there have been two transplants (one heart, one lung) and the stories have hit way too close to home. It's closest thing I have seen in terms of the actual "call" and what that day will be like. All I can say is MEDICATION, MEDICATION, MEDICATION for me! Forget Geoff he is already guaranteed to be knocked out, but I pretty sure that I will need it too. So, if you haven't had a chance to watch it I recommend doing so.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A fun weekend

What a FUN weekend! Thank-you so much to my wonderful family for hosting my mom, Conner, and I. We had so much fun with all of you. I'm happy to be back in Dallas is definitely becoming my home.

My girlfriend's wedding (Kelli) was BREATHTAKING! This was by far the most beautiful wedding I have ever seen (probably ever will). It was straight out of Platinum Weddings (anyone watch the Oxygen channel)? She was a beautiful bride and so deserving of this speical day.

Check out the pictures!

The cheerleaders and our HS cheer coach reunite!
What's a wedding without a baby gift from Jeannie (a USC blanket)?!
I think we were trying to bust out our old cheers
The head table-incredible!
Oh! Just a so-so view (HA!) of the cermonyNervous groomBeautiful bride!
Totally looks over Orange County
After the ceromony..looking down at the crowd on the balcony
Family night!
Like mother, like daughter
Sweet new baby Sophia and Conner!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Weekend Pics

Going back to Cali...again

I leave again tomorrow for California. This time I am bringing Conner with me. Ava is staying home this weekend with Geoff. Ava says that her and daddy are going on "cation" (AKA: vacation). I told him to take her to Chick-fil-A. She would be on her dream vacation there.

Going back to Cali for my girlfriend's wedding (we have been friends since we were 13 when I let her wear my jacket at cheer tryouts). I can't wait to see her. She called the other day and casually asked if I would do a reading at the wedding. The first thing I blurted out was "like from the Bible"???? I suck.

Today Geoff and I are feeling a little better. We received some kind/uplifting words from a friend in Cali. I also had a breakthrough day with some other friends. It's so nice to know how much people care.

Monday, July 7, 2008

No 2 points for you

Tube check is complete-all is well on that front. We also found out that Geoff was NOT granted the two extra points. We are pissed, frustrated, sad....the list goes on. His status is pretty much the same #6 in Fort Worth and #8 in Dallas. Today is one of those days where the world should stay away from me. All I want to do is kick someone/something. Anything.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tube Check # ???

We go in tomorrow morning for another tube check. Geoff was at least able to make it to this check without an infection! Small victories.

We should get an update about the "list" sometime this week so I'll let y'all know as soon as possible. We are still waiting to hear about the extra two points as well. On Tuesday it will be 2 weeks since the original request was made (they have 30 days to respond). It's like waiting for the cable guy that says he will be there sometime between 9:00AM-5:00PM.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Would you like some cream cheese?

I'm continually fascinated by Geoff's diet (or lack thereof)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


I tried to be cute, clever, and learn HTML (whatever) I couldn't do it, so I paid someone to do it. I LOVE it!

I can see this being a new addiction....I wonder if Geoff would give me a monthly blog design budget? Yeah freakin right.

If you are in need of a design check her out:

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Last Night