Monday, September 14, 2009

10 year check-up

Today Geoff began his 2-day testing for his 10 year anniversary check-up at the hospital. Today was the more evasive day of the two. They made an incision in his neck (AHHHHHH!!!) to somehow end up with 4 liver samples.

Tomorrow he will receive preliminary test results from the biopsies along with bloodwork, an ultrasound, a kidney test, and a visit with the transplant team to hopefully discuss results.

Some thoughts I am having:
  • Yeah for 10 years
  • I wonder what my liver looks like
  • Here we go again
  • Those damn kidneys better cooperate
  • The word jugular makes me ill
  • I wonder if the doctors will have a better indication of the future
  • I wonder if Geoff will show them a picture of the liver cake
  • I wonder how many people make it to 10 years with a liver transplant

To be continued...

1 comment:

Jaime said...

Tell Geoff we are thinking of him! Good luck tomorrow!